What's better than Nutrisystem? Gobble Green of course!

  Gobble Green Nutrisystem
ABOUT Gobble Green is a 100% vegan and 90% organic online marketplace and food delivery service where you can purchase individual meals, merchandise, a virtual fitness training program, or a complete gourmet vegan diet plan. When you see an animal derived product listed in one of our meals such as chicken nuggets, cheese, sausage, or meatballs, it is actually a faux meat or faux dairy product. Gobble Green makes veganism hassle free, encourages green living, and proudly advocates the ethical treatment of animals. Nutrisystem is a weight loss system wherein you order pre-packaged meals from their website that are delivered to you. This is a company that has risen from the ashes of a failed 'Weight Loss Center" business in the 1970's to the 1990's. They have resurrected themselves on the internet.
SUPPORTERS Alicia Silverstone, Senator Brad Sherman, Andy Dick, Carolyn Scott (The Healthy Voyager) Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli, Marie Osmond, and more
AVERAGE PRICE PER MEAL (based on 7 day meal plan) $5.25 for a complete balanced meal $3.60 plus the cost of products Nutrisystem recommends adding to the meal
AVERAGE PRICE PER DAY (based on 7 day meal plan) $14.00-$20.00/day all inclusive depending on the plan selected $11.50/day plus the cost of the groceries you need to buy to supplement the Nutrisystem program
AVERAGE PRICE PER WEEK (based on 7 day meal plan) $120.00-$150.00/week depending on the plan selected $80.00/week plus the cost of groceries ($40.00-$50.00 on average) which are needed to supplement the Nutrisystem program
PACKAGING All Gobble Green packaging is 100% recyclable and recycling instructions are clearly outlined online. Nutrisystem has not released information on its packaging in regards to the environment and recycling.
OPTIONS Gobble Green caters to the following groups of consumers: vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, diabetics, organic, weight loss, people needing to lower cholesterol, people seeking freshly prepared food that is not heavily processed, people who want to pair healthy eating with a comprehensive virtual fitness program (www.gobblegreengym.com) Nutrisystem has plans for the following types of consumers: omnivores, diabetics, vegetarians (NOT vegans), weight loss, people who do not mind heavily processed food and food supplements (aka, NOT organic)
LONG TERM SUCCESS RATE "According to weight loss author and expert April Hochstrasser, omnivorous diet programs like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig flourish because of excellent short-term results. However, these programs seldom succeed in the maintenance of weight loss. Some people come back to the same diet programs 25 to 50 times because of their proven initial success, not realizing that the same program has led to just as many failures. In fact, the average 12-24 month overall sustained weight loss for people who join Weight Watchers and programs similar to it is just five pounds! Adult vegans are 10 to 20 pounds lighter than adult meat eaters on average and, in addition to looking slimmer, being lighter reduces the risk of many serious health problems. Gobble Green’s weight loss program, The Challenge, is proven to work for weight loss and for weight loss maintenance. The success rate for people on The Challenge reaching their goal is 99% as of December 2010. At Gobble Green there is an emphasis on helping clients to maintain their weight loss with healthy vegan eating habits that last a lifetime. Customers are more likely to maintain their weight loss from Gobble Green rather than from other diet programs because they learn to eliminate, or at least reduce, their fatty dairy and meat intake while on The Challenge. " Nutrisystem's only focus is weight loss, so the food is designed with just that factor in mind rather than overall health. The sodium is particularly high in Nutrisystem meals as is the use of sugars and aspertame. While many Nutrisystem customers do realize initial weight loss, the Nutrisystem program is not designed for long term use and many Nutrisystem users promptly gain back their lost pounds and more when going off the program.

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Gobble Green

-a nationwide vegan meal delivery service

-rated most eco-friendly food delivery provider by Vegetarian Times Magazine

-100% hassle free with friendly customer representatives

-affordable with several payment plan options

-proven weight loss results

-heart healthy, nutritionally balanced

Gobble Green takes the guesswork out of a healthy vegan diet and will help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently, deliciously, and affordably.

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